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http://www.royalhanoverlodge.com/event/royal-hanover-craft-meeting-3/Our Next Chapter Meeting, Friday 18th November 2016 @ 4.30 pm

Our next Chapter meeting of Royal Hanover Chapter is the 18th November 2016 which we will Close Tyled at 4.30pm - Tea and Coffee for 4.00pm.

This meeting will see 5 new Royal Arch Freemasons join Royal Hanover Lodge and a great installation. For more information see our Calendar

W.Bro Brian De-Honri Installed as our new Worshipful Master. Most Excellent Meeting with 67 Brothers enjoying great company. German & Scottish Lodges visit Royal Hanover Lodge.

21st of October saw one of the best meetings in memory, New Master Installed, great number of visitors, great ritual, presentations and donations to 2020 Festival. Read More . . . 

Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 Officers 2016 to 2017


Our visitors once again enjoyed the Ritual of Royal Hanover Lodge with a double 2nd Degree and very nice festive board on the 27th May 2016.

Brother Oliver Hosie-Kingham and Brother Thomas Jackson enjoyed there passing to Fellowcraft.
It was a pleasure to see so many of our regular and new visitors alike.

May 2016 Double 2nd 5


Read about our visit to The Lodge Bridge of
Fellowship No. 929 GC In Hannover

A group from Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 flew into Hannover Airport on the 8th April. Read about our 3 day visit and a wonderful Installation of W.Bro. Peter Frenes.  Read More...

Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 and Bridge of Fellowship 929

Friday 18th March 2016 - A Raising and an Initiate

Congratulations to Bro. Mike Whybrow on his raising, and Bro. Thomas Jackson on becoming an Entered Apprentice.

Its Friday 18th march 2016 and Royal Hanover embarked on a packed out meeting with plenty to talk about and giving a 2nd meeting to 2016. One 3rd Degree Raising, a new Initiate balloted and initiated into Freemasonry. And a great festive board, now thats a busy Friday. 

'Welcome to the Royal Hanover Lodge' -

A Masonic Freemasons Lodge in Twickenham

Established in 1878, the Royal Hanover Lodge 1777, with its distinguished brethren have been practising the ancient art of Craft Freemasonry. We also come under the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex. Our Lodge holds four official meetings each year, usually on the last Friday of October, January, March and May.

IMG_0493v2Meeting on the 18th march 2016, Welcome to our latest initiate Bro. Thomas Jackson.


WM Rob Turpins Installation - Royal Hanover LodgeWM Rob Turpins Installation - Royal Hanover Lodge

We are a much respected lodge for our efforts in Masonic Ritual and we hold regular Lodge of Instruction meetings on Tuesday evenings. See our calendar for more events and gatherings.

Everybody knows that the Masonic fraternity exists and no effort is made to hide the fact. It is only the wisdom of Masonry which is hidden, not because it is subtle, but because it is simple. Its secret is profound; not obscure.

In the quiet of the Lodge, in an air of reverence and friendship, it teaches us the truth that makes us men, and upon which faith and character must rest.

Today the Royal Hanover Lodge has built a reputation for excellent work both in and outside of the lodge walls. Our reputation ensures that Royal Hanover Lodge not only supports Craft Freemasonary but also has its own Chapter.

Our dedication to Freemasonry and our commitment to the ongoing success of the Royal Hanover Lodge has ensured that the our numbers continue to increase each year with new and dedicated Freemasons

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