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Middlesex 2020 Festival

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys - Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 

Supported by Middlesex Masons and Royal Hanover Lodge 1777

"A man never stands so tall as when he kneels to help a child”

What is a Masonic Festival?

A Festival is a major fundraising project, spread over a number of years determined by a Province to benefit one of the four central Masonic Charities. Each Province is ‘in Festival” every 11 years and they usually run between 5 and 10 years. It is so called because at the end of the period of fund raising there is a Festival banquet at which the final total raised is announced. 

Which Charity is The 2020 Festival in Middlesex raising funds for?

A period of 5 years, ending in 2020, when all Masons in Middlesex are asked to support one of our Masonic Charities, the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys. This is a charity doing amazing work. The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, the mission statement for which is “To relieve poverty and advance the education of children of a Masonic family and, where funds permit, support other children in need.” As you discover more about the work of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys (RMTGB) you will feel reassured that by supporting The 2020 Festival you will be making a lasting difference to a great many young people who most need our help.

What is the period of The 2020 Festival?

With a launch in March 2015, it is to run for 5 years ending in early 2020. What is the target for The 2020 Festival? There is no specific monetary target, just that everyone does their best to support such a good cause especially during this Middlesex Festival and by doing so also gets enjoyment and satisfaction.

What is expected from each member?

It is hoped that every member will give what they can toward this excellent cause. There are different ways of contributing and different levels of recognition of this support and it is also hoped that everyone will wear the Festival Jewel to demonstrate the Province’s backing of the RMTGB and the good work it does.

Will my Lodge and/or Chapter have a target?

Both Lodges and Chapters are encouraged to attain a level of achievement based on the number of members. These levels start at Steward and go on to Vice Patron, Patron, Grand Patron and for those really keen there are two further levels, Platinum Grand Patron and Diamond Grand Patron. It is certainly hoped that most Lodges and Chapters will reach one of the achievements and that at the very least all will have given something.

How do I support The 2020 Festival?

Donations can be made in a number of ways but most members will sign up for a regular promise to pay of a sum per month spread over a number of years (maximum 5) taken by direct debit. Your Charity Steward will have the forms and details of the other methods. But for convenience you can download the 2020 Festival donation form below.

Donate online

Are there personal targets?

No. It is up to each person what they are able to give and as stated above there are different achievement levels which can be aimed for.

How do the Lodge/Chapter and personal donations work together?

When a member makes a donation to the Festival they have to state to which Lodge/Chapter it is also to be credited. That sum therefore goes against both the member and the Lodge/Chapter achievement.

What if I am a member of more than one Lodge or a Chapter as well?

It would be sensible to consider splitting your total donation up between them. Perhaps your mother Lodge getting a larger proportion, but it is a personal decision. A separate form will need to be completed for each amount for each Lodge/Chapter? Bear in mind that there is also a Triple Tau pin that will be awarded to those members who give £200 through their Chapter as long as they have achieved Steward through their Lodge(s).

How does a Lodge or Chapter make donations to the Festival?

These can be either by cheque, payable to “RMTGB” and sent to them stating that it is for The 2020 Festival and confirming who it is from or by transferring the funds from a Relief Chest using the green form, quoting E0142 which is the Festival Relief Chest number. If the funds are to be split out by individual members then a list will need to be sent at the same time.

2020 Festival JewelWhat is the Festival Jewel?

This is a special jewel created purely for The 2020 Festival and will be awarded automatically without further payment to all members who achieve the level of Steward. Bars will be issued to recognise the other levels that can be affixed to the jewel.

Should the 2009 Festival Jewel still be worn?

As this was made a permanent jewel it is in order to wear this as well as The 2020 Festival Jewel, however, it is now hoped that brethren stop wearing the 2009 jewel and show support of the RMTGB by wearing only The 2020 Festival Jewel.

Should The 2020 Festival Jewel be worn outside Middlesex?

No. As The 2020 Festival jewel is not a permanent jewel it is to be worn only in the Province for which it has been created.

Is there a Festival Tie or other such merchandise?

The Provincial Tie is for the period of The 2020 Festival having the 2020 emblem as part of its design and it would be nice if as many brethren wore it as possible, again in support of the RMTGB and the Festival. There will be other items on sale such as gloves, lapel pins etc and it is good to see these being used also in support of the Festival. The sale of these go toward the admin of the Festival so that every penny you donate goes to the RMTGB. How will Lodges and Chapters know how much they have donated? The Charity Steward will be sent a report at certain intervals during the Festival setting out who has given what and the overall total.

How could I find out how much I have donated?

If you email festival@pglm.org.uk this information can be provided. However you will know when you have reached Steward as you will receive your jewel and at each level thereafter you will receive the appropriate bar.

What happens when my regular donations go past the end of the Festival?

That is not a problem, they just keep being paid. Your Festival total presumed that you would continue paying the whole amount and the charity is still very much in need of your money as its work continues.


2020 Festival Brochure