Lodge 1777

Comp.Thomas J. has joined Royal Hanover Chapter 1777, being Exalted this Friday 16th Feb

We are proud to welcome Companion Thomas J. to Royal Hanover Chapter 1777. His exaltation was conducted by Excellent Companion Peter HK. as PS, Excellent Companion Keith G. as H, Excellent Companion Peter S. as J. and Excellent Companion Tom Wood. as Z. We had 3 lectures we went down very well and gave the newly exalted Companion a great start into understanding Royal Arch Freemasonry.

We also had the pleasure of the company of regular visitors, and an official visit of our Visiting Officer Excellent Companion Reg A. We had the pleasure of Excellent Companion Roger Croome PGSupt as well as a guest of Excellent Companion Kevin MJ.

Many thanks to all the Companions that made this a special meeting for a new companion Thomas J.


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Royal Hanover Welcomes 2 new initiates Adam and Aaron & Lodge Ballots for Donation to 2020 Achieving Grand Patron

Double Initiation - Cheque Presentations - Grand Patron Status

We were pleased to start the day with a cheque presentation to Jodie Egerton of Rainbow Trust for £1000. This is from W.Bro. Lawrie Hawkins year as Worshipful Master. The Charity helps support children throughout the UK suffering from life-threatening or terminal illnesses with emotional and practical support.

After opening the lodge in due form, we initiated two new candidates into Royal Hanover Lodge 1777. Bro. Adam Taylor is the son of our Charity Steward W.Bro John Taylor and as such, W.Bro. John Taylor took the role of Junior Deacon for the ceremony with W.Bro. Peter Hosie-Kingham as the initiating Master.

Brother Adam with Family friend W.Bro.Peter Hosie-Kingham and Father W.Bro John Taylor


Bro. Adam has started his journey into Freemasonry at the age of 23, and we hope he has a long and eventful career in Freemasonry.

We also welcomed to our ranks, Bro. Aaron Flynn, being initiated by W.Bro. Peter Hosie-Kingham and was introduced to Royal Hanover Lodge by his close friend and our Junior Deacon Bro. ThomasJackson, who only became a Master Mason in May 2017. Bro.Thomas conducted the Junior Deacon work for his friend, which was a pleasure to witness.

Royal Hanover Lodge is very lucky to introduce these two young gentlemen into our Lodge as bringing in young fresh members into our fold makes a big difference and gives the Lodge a good outlook for the Lodge future. Bro. Adam is 23 and Bro. Aaron is only 21.


After the ceremony was completed a cheque for £2800 was presented to the Provincial Charity steward W.Bro John Briggs by our own Charity Steward  W.Bro. John Edward Taylor to enable the Lodge to reach Grand Patron for the 20/20 Festival.

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Royal Hanover celebrates it’s youngest ever newly installed Master of Lodge

Installation of W.Bro.Johny Davis

W.Bro. Davis was installed as Master of Royal Hanover Lodge 1777
by outgoing Master W.Bro. De-Honri.

W.Bro. Davis was installed as Master of Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 by outgoing Master W.Bro. De-Honri. W.Bro.De-Honri has had a good year in the chair and as he became the Immediate Past Master he installed W.Bro Davis with some great ritual. W.Bro.Davis is our youngest ever Worshipful Master, replacing that honour bestowed upon W.Bro Peter Parsons some 44 years ago.

W.Bro. Davis has been a regular to LOI, which was proven by his delivery of installing his officers for the coming year. This year we see some of our younger members take up officer positions. Special thanks were given to W.Bro.Bob Skinner who is stepping down this year as our Chaplin and W.Bro Derek Healy stepping down as Almoner, both of which has given many years of wonderful service and as such were presented within open lodge with an engraved United Grand Lodge of England Tercentenary Jewel each.

Charity News from W.Bro.John Taylor

Our charity steward W.Bro John Edward Taylor delivered some great news with regards to Royal Hanover Lodge and its members supporting The 2020 Festival and as such we were presented with a Patron's sash, which can be seen in front of the WM placed with the VOTSL. Grand Patron jewels where also presented to Bro.Jackson and W.Bro.Marshal-Jobson. It was then proposed that the lodge make a donation to take Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 to Grand Patron status and this was approved in open lodge, and I am sure we will hear more at our next January meeting.

At LOI we took up a collection to purchase the Tercentenary Master's Collar Ornament and this was presented to the WM and will be proudly displayed on the Master's collar from now on.

Thank you to our Visitors

We would also like to thank our many regular visitors for helping make this memorable meeting, but also including Worshipful Master W.Bro.Treanor and Secretary W.Bro.Lewis of Lodge Of Harmony 255.

Launch of Royal Hanover Lodge Mobile App

To round of off what has turned out to be a great meeting, we were also pleased to announce the launch of our own mobile app, which allows members to check in to LOI's, see the latest Lodge and Chapter news, pick up the latest Summons and browser the archive of previous summons. We also have a photo gallery and a very useful calendar for all our meeting dates, both social and Masonic. It is already showing signs of being a success as we have people checking into LOI's, chatting etc, having nearly 30% of the lodge already signed up in a matter of days.

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Welcome to our new entered apprentice Bro.Mayer and the passing of Bro.Smith to fellow craft

Welcome to our new entered apprentice Bro.Mayer and
the passing of Bro.Smith to fellow craft.

Congratulations to Bro.Mayer on joining the ranks of Royal Hanover Lodge with a wonderful 1st degree ceremony. Bro.Smith was also passed to the 2nd degree, with the ceremony being conducted by his God Father, W.Bro. H-Kingham. We thank all our visitors as well for making the evening a great success. Many thanks go to W.Bro.Derek for treating us to some lovely port towards the end of the festive board. Very Nice!



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The Exaltation Ceremony Rehearsal

The Exaltation Ceremony Rehearsal

On the 17th February 2017 we had a great Chapter meeting with E.Comp. Martyn P. Farrell PGSwdB Deputy Grand Superintendent with his honour guard. Great seeing our ranks swell with new members and many of our regular visitors as well. We hope our next meeting will see a new member being Exalted. Thank you to all our visitors and of course E.Comp Martyn Farrell for his support.

Royal Hanover Chapter 1777


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Great Visit to Lodge Queen’s Edinburgh Rifles

Great Visit to Lodge Queen’s Edinburgh Rifles (The Royal Scots) No. 1253 10th December 2016

We are proud our visit to our fellow brothers in Lodge Queen’s Edinburgh Rifles (The Royal Scots) No. 1253 was a great success. Brothers from Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 visited as part of expanding our boundaries with fellow Lodges. We first joined the Lodge Queen’s Edinburgh Rifles members in a recent visit to Germany and subsequent meeting we held in October. We where looked after very well and we will certainly be visiting again in the future.

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Welcome to 5 new members of Royal Hanover Chapter

Welcome to 5 new members of Royal Hanover Chapter

We are very proud to announce that our Royal Arch ranks have increased with 5 new members joining. What was even better was the fact that they all excepted officer roles and we even gain a Royal Arch Steward.  We are all looking forward to our next meeting as well, with an exaltation and a Grand Officer visiting us.


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One Day – New Worshipful Master, German & Scottish Lodges Visiting, Visiting AProvGM and 67 Brothers

A Meeting to Remember
Installation of W.Bro De-Honri

One Day - New Worshipful Master, German & Scottish Lodges Visiting, Visiting AProvGM and 67 Brothers


The origins of a superb meeting

On the 9th July 2015, we first touched base with W Bro. Frenes - Secretary Lodge Bridge of Fellowship No. 929 GC and made our introductions with a view to arranging a visit to the City Of Hanover. To understand the importance of this city for us, Royal Hanover's Lodge history can be read by clicking here After several exchanges of emails, a plan started to emerge with the idea of visiting Lodge Bridge of Fellowship on their next installation (W Bro. Frenes Master Elect), on the 9th day of April 2016. After a little bit more organising among Royal Hanover brethren, , deciding on who would like to visit, booking flights and arranging a Hotel everything was set for what was to become, new fraternal friendships from afar.

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Last LOI before Summer Break 2016

Warm Summer Evening
Great Company
Good Food


Royal Hanover Lodge met for the last LOI evening at The Jolly Coopers in Hampton. We had a great turn out with 15 brothers having a pint to start the evening off, but soon G & T, Red Wine, Port, and Whiskey were being sampled along with some very good food. You could say men behaving badly, but good times were had, good atmosphere, great company and good food. Keith, David, Allan, Lawrie(WM), Phil, Oliver, Michael, Peter, Derek, Brian, Mike, Hugh, John, Tom and Mike behind the camera. Not one blue book was in site and no ritual performed apart from the obligatory ritual of lifting a glass with regular schedule.

We have a busy new season planned in October with our next installation meeting, with many guests from far and wide. So this was a great way to kick off our summer break. Thank you guys for a great evening.


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