A Night to Remember: The Initiation Ceremony at Royal Hanover Lodge

On a crisp, chilly day in Twickenham, the esteemed members of the Royal Hanover Lodge gathered at Cole Court for an evening filled with tradition, camaraderie, and the welcoming of a new brother into their midst. As the clock struck 4:30 pm on Friday, 26th January, 2024, the lodge was duly tyled, marking the beginning of an event that would be recorded in the annals of the lodge’s storied history.

The Worshipful Master, with humorous grace, opened the lodge, setting the stage for an evening where the past and present would intertwine in the beautiful tapestry of Masonic ritual. In a delightful twist of tradition, the Immediate Past Master took to the organ, filling the hall with his newly learnt harmonies for the first time during a lodge meeting, adding an extra layer of difference to the proceedings.

The lodge buzzed with a sense of anticipation as WBro Derek Fifield assumed the role of Junior Warden pro tempore, paving the way for Bro Aaron Flynn to be invested as Junior Warden for the coming year. The spirit of unity and brotherhood was palpable as the members unanimously approved the balloting for two new prospects, Mr. Darius Apanasikas and Mr. Alex Willoughby, heralding a healthy start to the year for the lodge and its brethren.

The most important part of the evening, however, was the initiation ceremony of Mr. Darius Apanasikas. In a moment charged with significance, WBro Matt Jennings assumed the venerable seat of King Solomon to conduct the initiation, a ritual steeped in symbolism and meaning. The lodge was enveloped in masonic ritual as the ancient rites unfolded, weaving the new brother into the fabric of Freemasonry and the Royal Hanover Lodge.

Following the initiation, WBro Bob Skinner delivered the Charge, a poignant reminder of the duties and responsibilities that accompany the privileges of Freemasonry. The ceremonial elements completed, the meeting concluded with the presentation of the Lodge Accounts by WBro Hugh Saville, a testament to the transparency and integrity that underpin the operations of the lodge.

The formalities gave way to celebration as the brethren sang the National Anthem and the Closing Ode, their voices resonating with a sense of pride and belonging. The camaraderie spilled over to the bar, where the new Brother Darius Apanasikas, was warmly welcomed into the fold.

The Festive Board that followed was a lively affair, marked by laughter, heartfelt toasts with Bro Darius Apanasikas, his courage and composure shining through as he responded to a toast in his honor. The melodious strains of “Happy Birthday” sung in honor of Bro Alister Macdonald, WBro Derek Fifield, and WBro Bob Skinner made for a note of difference, whilst the miniature birthday cakes brought in by the staff of Cole Court added a sweet touch to the celebrations.

Bro Hani Rafai’s toast to the visitors, capped with a near-perfect Middlesex Fire, and the traditional Toasts to the Absent Brethren and the Tyler’s Toast, were poignant reminders of the bonds that unite Masons across the globe.

As the evening drew to a close, the brethren of Royal Hanover Lodge parted ways, enriched by the experiences of the night and strengthened in their commitment to the principles that Freemasonry espouses. The initiation of Mr. Darius Apanasikas into the lodge was not just an addition to their numbers but a reaffirmation of the timeless values that define the Masonic brotherhood.

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