Installation of W Bro Phil Malins – Royal Hanover New Season

Brother Phillip’s initiation into the world of Masonry began when he joined the Ionic Lodge No 227 (MetGL) on March 28, 1996. This event marked the commencement of his steady rise within the lodge. By February 26, 1998, he had been elevated, and nearly ten years thereafter, he was honoured in the Royal Arch on February 22, 2007.

His affiliation with the Royal Hanover Lodge commenced on October 24, 2014. Seamlessly, Phillip assumed the position of the Inner Guard. His unwavering dedication and fervour for the lodge became apparent as he rapidly advanced through various roles. A notable achievement occurred on December 9, 2004, when he first presided over the Ionic Lodge. Today, after years of steadfast commitment, Phillip once again occupies the revered Chair of King Solomon.

Phillip’s astute humour and playful glances have frequently taken members by surprise during rituals at the Lodge of Instruction (LOI). Some jestingly recall the challenge of maintaining composure after catching his gaze during these moments. Phillip’s affable nature enriches the lodge’s atmosphere, fostering deeper bonds among its members.

The ceremony installing W Bro Phillip as the Master of the Lodge proceeded seamlessly, with nearly all members advancing in their roles. For instance, Brother Matt Gurmin embraced the position of Junior Deacon, and Brother Hani Rifai became the Inner Guard.

As the evening’s formalities in the temple concluded, members and guests adjourned to the bar for refreshments before the Festive Board commenced. Attendees were delighted with personalised placemats and a sumptuous meal.

As always, any Royal Hanover installation is not complete without W Bro Peter Parsons delivering his rendition of the Master Songs for W Bro Philip Malins.

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