Our History – Royal Hanover Lodge & Middlesex Masons

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Established in 1878, the Royal Hanover Lodge was named to perpetuate the memory of King George V of Hanover and his close connection with our own British Royal Family.

We were greatly honoured when the last King of Hanover's son Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland not only consented to the use of the name but granted the necessary permission for the use of the Royal Coat of Arms as the Lodge's crest. Being Middlesex Masons, we are proud to have a historical connection with our own British Royal Family.

This fact is signified by the words "Wappen Seiner Majestat Georg's V Konigs von Hannover. Unter Approbation holen Ministerii des Koniglichen Hauses" which appears on the original crest presented to the founders.

Today the Royal Hanover lodge has built a reputation for excellent work both in and outside of the lodge walls. Our reputation ensures that Royal Hanover Lodge not only supports Craft Freemasonry but also has its own Chapter. Amongst the Provincial Lodge of Middlesex Masons, we are regularly visited by senior members of Middlesex Provincial office, with R.W.Bro Roger J. Croome being a recent visit to one of our Chapter meetings.

Our dedication to Freemasonry and our commitment to the ongoing success of our lodge has ensured that the our numbers continue to increase each year with new and dedicated Freemasons.

Our History in Numbers

Established in 1878, the Royal Hanover Lodge 1777, with its distinguished brethren have been practising the ancient art of Craft Freemasonry. We also come under the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex. Our Lodge holds four official meetings each year, usually on the last Friday of October, January, March and May, and three Royal Arch Meetings, usually in February, April, June and November.

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