One Day – New Worshipful Master, German & Scottish Lodges Visiting, Visiting AProvGM and 67 Brothers

A Meeting to Remember
Installation of W.Bro De-Honri

The origins of a superb meeting

On the 9th July 2015, we first touched base with W Bro. Frenes - Secretary Lodge Bridge of Fellowship No. 929 GC and made our introductions with a view to arranging a visit to the City Of Hanover. To understand the importance of this city for us, Royal Hanover's Lodge history can be read by clicking here After several exchanges of emails, a plan started to emerge with the idea of visiting Lodge Bridge of Fellowship on their next installation (W Bro. Frenes Master Elect), on the 9th day of April 2016. After a little bit more organising among Royal Hanover brethren, , deciding on who would like to visit, booking flights and arranging a Hotel everything was set for what was to become, new fraternal friendships from afar.

A previous article has been posted which can be read by clicking here about the success of this visit. And subsequently, a great friendship has been established between both lodges, and additionally other Lodges from Scotland who visited Lodge Bridge of Fellowship's Installation have become part of this friendship, specifically Lodge Queen's Edinburgh Rifles (The Royal Scots) No. 1253 .

This visit set the ground work to develop a special tie between 3 great lodges.


The Day Before

Since the meeting in April in the City of Hanover - Germany, plans where made to invite the brethren of Lodge Bridge of Fellowship over to our installation meeting to be held on the 21st October. With W.Bro De-Honri as Master elect, arrangements started to develop this meeting into a very special gathering, with Brethren from the aforementioned Lodge flying over from Hanover & Frankfurt, brethren from the Lodge Queens Edinburgh Rifles (The Royal Scots) 1253 also flying down from Edinburgh, our own brothers from Royal Hanover flying over from the Netherlands and a brother coming down from Doncaster from another military lodge.

So, with a plan in place, the start of the visit was planned by picking up Bro. BuhlBro Vongehr and Bro. R.  from Heathrow Terminal 5 at 7.30am the day before the meeting (20th) and we thought starting the day with a proper English breakfast, we took our brothers to Cole Court in Twickenham, where Tom, Maggie and staff cooked up a monster proper breakfast of legends - the works!. (A big thank you to Tom & Maggie and their team).

Once our guests were fuelled with the hearty breakfast, a team of Royal Hanover members took our visitors up to London to visit Freemasons Hall - Great Queen Street for a tour of the home of British Freemasonry.

After a most enlightening tour of Freemasons Hall, our visitors decided to do the next best thing and that is to shop for Masonic items in the shops around Great Queen Street. Bro. Buhl came away with a particularly nice Masonic Ties.

Whilst our visitors from the morning arrival toured London, Worshipful Master W.Bro Frenes was collected from Heathrow T5 and taken straight to his Hotel in Twickenham and was soon meeting up with his fellow brethren on their return from London. In the evening, more brothers from Royal Hanover Lodge and our 4 guests decided that a good curry was in order starting though with a couple of pints in the Eel Pie, Twickenham. All agreed the we choose well for the curry night and our German brothers took great delight in having a decent Curry which they can't seem to find in Germany.

Meeting Day - 21st October 2016

With precision timing from our preceptor W.Bro Michael Ross ProvAGSec, the organising was complete, the official day started with guests arriving from 3pm onwards for tea, coffee and cake (show us a Mason that does not like cake), or a beer or Guinness. Mean while the current officers and to be installed officers help a short rehearsal run through of the formal procession in and out of the Lodge for the visiting AProvGM, W.Bro David Wareham. This was conducted by W.Bro Purcell ProvDepGDC, along with his escort team W.Bro PhilipsW.Bro BrodieW.Bro Neale and W.Bro Smith.

We tyled at 4 pm, opened the Lodge and received the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W.Bro. David Wareham. We then balloted for a returning member of the Lodge, Bro. Allan Hykin and ballot was plain sailing and Bro. Hykin is now a member of Royal Hanover Lodge again. Welcome back Bro. Hykin.

Members of Royal Hanover Lodge where then asked to approve a proposal to make a donation of £3000 to the Middlesex 2020 Festival. A unanimous vote took place in favour of the proposal. It was then time for W.Bro De Honri to be installed as 2016 to 2017 Worshipful Master. The ritual went very well and was enjoyed by everyone, with positive comments from W.Bro David Wareham congratulating the quality of the ritual that took place.

With W.Bro De-Honri installed in the chair, his officers were installed into their new roles for the ensuing year.

  • Senior Warden Bro. Davis
  • Junior Warden Bro. North
  • Chaplain W.Bro Skinner, PPROV GSUPTWKS, LGR, PZ
  • Treasurer W.Bro Wood, PPSGD PZ
  • Secretary W.Bro Deady PPAGDC PZ
  • Director Of Ceremonies W.Bro Hosie-Kingham, PPGSUPTWKS, PZ
  • Almoner W.Bro Healy PPDEPGREG , SLGR, PZ
  • Charity Steward W.Bro Taylor
  • Lodge Mentoring Officer W.Bro. Marshall-Jobson PPAGDC, PZ
  • Senior Deacon Bro. Hykin
  • Junior Deacon W.Bro Short PPGSTDB
  • Assistant Director Of Ceremonies W.Bro Fifield PPGSUPTWKS, PZ
  • Asst. Secretary W.Bro Turpin
  • Inner Guard Bro. Whybrow
  • Events Co-Ordinator W.Bro Turpin
  • Steward Bro. Hosie-Kingham
  • Steward Bro. Smith
  • Steward Bro. Jackson
  • Tyler W.Bro Kemp
  • Organist W.Bro Fred J Chandler, PP JGW

All our brethren added to what was a very successful installation, with wonderful ritual being delivered by W.Bro De Honri(WM)W.Bro Hawkins(IPM)W.Bro Skinner(Chaplin)W.Bro Deady(Secretary)W.Bro Wood(Treasurer) and a special note goes to W.Bro Peter Hosie-Kingham for his stamina on being our Director of Ceremonies for the amount of walking up and down the temple many many times. The new Masonic carpet (fitted the day before) most assuredly got tested by W.Bro Peter that day.

The Norman Moore Temple at Twickenham looks great after its recent facelift with the old squeaky back benches taken out and replaced with new chairs.


W.Bro Peter Hyde fitting the carpet on the 20th October. Perfect timing for Royal Hanover's meeting.


The Norman Moore Temple looking great after its face lift.

The next item was to present a token of appreciation and thank W.Bro. Lawrie Hawkins for his year in Office and service to Royal Hanover Lodge 1777.

The brethren were then treated to a special gift of a presentation of handmade Gavels, presented by W.Bro Peter Parsons PPJGW, which were immediately put to the use they were made for, replacing the Worshipful Masters Gavel, the Senior Wardens Gavel and the Junior Wardens Gavel. They are made of British Laburnum which will be long cherished and used at every meeting of Royal Hanover Lodge 1777.


Bro. Michael Whybrow was then presented with his Grand Lodge Certificate, with W.Bro Michael Ross delivering a wonderful piece of ritual.

We then proceeded with some of the regular meeting items, but when it came to the Charity Stewards Report, the donation previously proposed of £3000 was presented to W.Bro. David Wareham. It was then reported that we are not far from being a Vice Patron of the 2020 Festival. I am sure with the new presentations of Festival Jewels that we will reach our next target.

Our charity steward W.Bro Taylor then presented 2020 Festival Steward Jewels to W.Bro. Brian De-HonriW.Bro. John TaylorW.Bro. Tom WoodW.Bro. John Deady and W.Bro. Bob Skinner. Vice Patron Jewels where granted to W.Bro. Lawrence Hawkins and Bro. Mike WhybrowAnd an extra thank you goes to Bro. Thomas Jackson who has been awarded Grand Patron.

For reaching the level of steward we have received from Middlesex Province Relief Fund of the 2020 Festival a big thank you to all the members of Royal Hanover for their contributions a cheque for £200 which will be made payable to a local charity of our choice. It is asked that members of Royal Hanover Lodge help choose which Charity this is given to and at the next LOI a hearty discussion will take place.

At the last meeting our total was £9,000 now we have exceeded £12,000 and well on the way to Vice Patron which is £16,000, we are sure that having achieved steward we can all look forward to achieving Vice Patron.


W.Bro Taylor reported about attending Harrow 2020 Charity presentation and was presented with 2 broken column bags which were used immediately to collect alms.

W.Bro Taylor also spoke about the great results of the previous week's collection at the Ladies Festival totalled £1250, which is a wonderful amount of which all brethren applauded.  Alms totalling £420 where then collected to add to a very successful week for Royal Hanover Lodge.

A donation of £25 to support the Senior citizen Christmas lunch organised by Twickenham District Masonic Council (TDMC) and invited by Richmond age concern was proposed and 2nd, with a positive vote from the brethren.

After the Lodge was closed, the National Anthem and Closing Ode was sung, and it was lovely to hear with so many brethren present (67 Brothers). After which photos were taken, including our visitors from Scotland and Germany.



News on the Donation to the Londons Air Ambulance

A special mention from W.Bro. Derek Fifield about a donation of £615  to London's Air Ambulance. In response to this proud donation, Royal Hanover Lodge received a wonderful letter of thanks from the London's Air Ambulance head office. A specific mention should be made of an excerpt of the letter quoted below:

". . . We are immensely grateful to you, Carol and your fellow masons of the Royal Hanover Lodge for your support of our life-saving charity. I have notified the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of your kind donation so it can be counted towards the larger appeal and so that your Lodge receives due recognition. . . . "
Tanya Moss - Philanthropy Officer




After such a great meeting, a brief charge at the bar took place as with all good Masonic meetings and festive boards. Again it is worth mentioning all the Cole Court staff including Maggie & Tom, for looking after us extremely well, making sure everything went as smooth as possible. With table plan in place, our 67 brethren took their place and greeted W.Bro. David Wareham AProvGM and a newly installed Worshipful Master W.Bro. Brian De-Honri.

Carrot Soup, Roast Beef hand carved with Yorkshire Puddings, Apple Pie and Ice Cream was a hearty meal and much enjoyed.

Whats Next For Royal Hanover Lodge

With the strong friendships that have been built already between Royal Hanover Lodge 1777Lodge Bridge of Fellowship 929 and Lodge Queens Edinburgh Rifles (The Royal Scots) 1253, the brethren are already planning the next visit to Edinburgh to join Lodge Queens Edinburgh Rifles (The Royal Scots) 1253 at their next Installation on the 10th December 2016.

Further plans are underway to visit the City of Hanover again in April 2017 to visit Lodge Bridge of Fellowship 929 installation and possibly seeing a piece of Ritual that is not often seen. We will keep all brethren informed as this meeting develops.

Many thanks goes to all the brethren for helping and organising such a special meeting, but special thanks goes to W.Bro Hugh Saville for helping and arranging our German brothers visits, and also W.Bro Michael Ross for organising the meeting and festive board. Add to this, a hearty congratulations to W.Bro. Brian De-Honri as our new Worshipful Master.

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