Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 Celebrates A Memorable Initiation!

On the splendid evening of Friday, 26th May 2023, the Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 opened lodge at Cole Court, Twickenham. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement as the Worshipful Master, accompanied by his wardens and the deacons, made a grand entrance into the temple, with the Director of Ceremonies leading the way.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the initiation ceremony for Mr. Alister MacDonald. Alister had been a regular at our LOI evenings, getting to know the brethren, whilst also giving the members a chance to get to know him. This led to a unanimous ballot in his favor, after which the initiation rites commenced. Junior Deacon A.Taylor and Acting Senior Deacon J.E.Taylor were in attendance, ensuring that the candidate was well-guided throughout the process. The prayer, beautifully recited by Acting Chaplain W.Bro A.Hykin, set the stage for what was to come.

W Bro John Taylor, W Bro Leon Hubbard, Initiate Bro Alister Macdonald, Worshipful Master Thomas Jackson, W Bro John Deady and Bro Adam Taylor

Alister’s journey around the temple was symbolic and profound. He was presented to the wardens, and with great honor, Senior Warden W.Bro J.Deady invested him with the badge of an Entered Apprentice.

The evening also saw the election of W.Bro P.Malins as the Master Elect and W.Bro T.Wood as the Treasurer. In a unanimous decision, W.Bro J.Mellor was chosen as Tyler for the coming year. The Almoner and Charity Steward presented their reports, both of which received commendation for their thoroughness.

An exciting announcement was made regarding a summer gathering at “The Three Horseshoes” in Laleham, with several brethren generously offering transportation for the event.

Before the close of the evening, the Worshipful Master took a moment to share news from UGLE about a new booklet for the Royal Arch. In addition, there were congratulations offered to W.Bros J.Deady and B.Dehonri on their promotions. APGM W.Bro John Leggett sent his best wishes and special congratulations to Brother Alister MacDonald.

As the eventful evening drew to a close, the lodge resonated with the heartfelt singing of the national anthem’s 1st verse and the closing ode. With peace and harmony prevailing, the Worshipful Master, his wardens, deacons, and distinguished guests made their exit.

Mark your calendars! The next meeting is set for Friday, 27th October 2023 at 16:30 hrs, promising another memorable gathering.

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