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Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternal organisation. Its members have included kings, princes, prime ministers, politicians, Supreme Court justices, titans of industry, movie stars… and probably your grandfather! The doors of Freemasonry are always open to good men of moral character who strive to be better husbands, sons, fathers and members of their communities.

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Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 - Consecrated in 1878

We have a place in history

Established in 1878, the Royal Hanover Lodge was named to perpetuate the memory of King George V of Hanover and his close connection with our own British Royal Family. We were greatly honoured when the last King of Hanover's son Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland not only consented to the use of the name, but granted the necessary permission for the use of the Royal Coat of Arms as the Lodge's crest. Being Middlesex Masons, we are proud to have a historical connection with our own British Royal Family.

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Latest News and Event Reports

We have held over 500 meetings in our time. We are very proud of our history and who we are, and as such we love visiting other Lodges, and we always have some great meetings with many of our regular friends. We also enjoy making new friends in other Lodges, experiencing there ritual and how they conduct there meetings. Read on below to read about some of our recent events and achievements. 

W.Bro Hugh Saville Provincial Grand Almoner has been awarded the rank of PAGDC

Congratulations Brother Hugh Royal Hanover is pleased to announce that we now have our own Grand Officer, W.Bro Hugh Saville Provincial Grand Almoner has been awarded the rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies  We are so very proud to have Hugh amongst our ranks, it’s is 30 yrs since our last Grand Rank. We look […]

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Comp.Thomas has joined Royal Hanover Chapter 1777, being Exalted this Friday 16th Feb

We are proud to welcome Companion Thomas J. to Royal Hanover Chapter 1777. His exaltation was conducted by  Excellent Companion Peter Hosie-Kingham. as PS, Excellent Companion Keith Gregory. as H, Excellent Companion Peter Short. as J. and Excellent Companion Tom Wood. as Z. We had 3 lectures we went down very well and gave the newly exalted Companion a great start to understanding […]

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Royal Hanover Welcomes 2 new initiates Adam and Aaron & Lodge Ballots for Donation to 2020 Achieving Grand Patron

Two New Initiates, Multiple Cheque Presentations, Achieving Grand Patron Status, makes for a great meeting. We were pleased to start the day with a cheque presentation to Jodie Egerton of Rainbow Trust for £1000. This is from W.Bro. Lawrie Hawkins year as Worshipful Master. The Charity helps support children throughout the UK suffering from life-threatening […]

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Royal Hanover celebrates it’s youngest ever newly installed Master of Lodge

Installation of W.Bro.Johny Davis W.Bro. Davis was installed as Master of Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 by outgoing Master W.Bro. De-Honri. W.Bro. Davis was installed as Master of Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 by outgoing Master W.Bro. De-Honri. W.Bro.De-Honri has had a good year in the chair and as he became the Immediate Past Master he installed W.Bro […]

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Welcome to our new entered apprentice Bro.Mayer and the passing of Bro.Smith to fellow craft

Congratulations to Bro.Mayer on joining the ranks of Royal Hanover Lodge with a wonderful 1st degree ceremony. Bro.Smith was also passed to the 2nd degree, with the ceremony being conducted by his God Father, W.Bro. H-Kingham. We thank all our visitors as well for making the evening a great success. Many thanks go to W.Bro.Derek […]

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The Exaltation Ceremony Rehearsal

On the 17th February 2017 we had a great Chapter meeting with E.Comp. Martyn P. Farrell PGSwdB Deputy Grand Superintendent with his honour guard. Great seeing our ranks swell with new members and many of our regular visitors as well. We hope our next meeting will see a new member being Exalted. Thank you to all our visitors […]

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Twickenham District Masonic Centre

Where do we meet?

Freemasons have been meeting at Twickenham District Masonic Centre(Cole Court) for many years, . With ample parking, 3 Temples, 8 LOI Rooms, and 5 Dining Rooms, they are perfectly place to cope with a range of meetings and events at the same time. With a spacious Bar and Lounge area, easy parking and near Twickenham tube station. 

If you are visiting for the first time, remember to ask a member of staff or a fellow brother the car park exit code which changes on a regular basis.


Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 Officers


W.Bro J. Davis

Worshipful Master

As well as being the youngest master we have ever installed, W.Bro. J.Davis is a dedicated family man. He came to Royal Hanover as a move from Ionic Lodge 227. We hope he has a great year.

Bro. D. North

Senior Warden

David is our techie and has built our website & mobile app to help promote Royal Hanover. He is a keen visitor of other lodges and enjoys his freemasonry. Admits he is not a great  at ritual but enjoys what he does.

Bro. A. Hykin

Junior Warden

Allan is one of our very dedicated members, putting great effort into his ritual. He loves the banter about football and he often pipes up when who one and who lost. Regular LOI member as well.



W.Bro. Laurie has also come from Ionic Lodge 227 and has just finished a great year as IPM. He loves his travel and he is also a keen historian. We are hoping he will start writing some great masonic articles soon.



W.Bro. Tom is our treasurer and he does a sterling job. He has a great sense of humour and is always a regular at LOI. He is well know for pinching everyone's after dinner mints at festive board. He says they are for his children, but we know better.



Peter is another one of our regular LOI members and is always ready to jump into different roles when called upon. He is also another one that loves the football banter with our Junior Warden Allan.


Director of Ceremonies

Peter is one of our great ritualists and he has a big personality to go with his ritual. Always ready to have a laugh but also makes an awesome Director of Ceremonies. We have a phrase in Royal Hanover, along the lines of "How would Peter do this!"



Mike is the backbone of the lodge, making sure all the little things come together to make meetings go very well. As well as masonry he takes his role of Grandfather very serious and we often here the latest antics of his grand children.


Charity Steward

John has done us proud over the years and has led us to gaining Grand Patron for the 2020 Festival. He has also recently introduced his Son into freemasonry, Adam, who joined in January this year.

W.BRO P. Malins

Senior Deacon

Our Lodge entertainer and mischief maker with a heart of gold. Always lightens the mood and is a great asset when in LOI as well as a very versatile member for taking different roles when needed.

Bro. T. Jackson

Junior Deacon

Thomas is one of our newest Master Masons and has take to starting his progression through lodge roles very well. He looks to have the makings of a great ritualist.  Only recently made a father, he is a great addition to Royal Hanover Lodge.

Bro. O. Hosie Kingham

Inner Guard

Following in his Fathers foot steps, Oliver has joined us along with a close family friend Michael. Always has a great positive outlook and you can be sure of a friendly warm smile every time you meet him. Another great younger asset to the Lodge.

W.BRO D. Fifield

A.Director of Ceremonies

Derek is another one of long term regulars and is our Assistant Director of Ceremonies. He is also our Treasurer of Royal Hanover Chapter. He juggles a busy work life with his masonic duties, and is always on the ball in his temple work. 

W.Bro Hugh Saville

Lodge Mentor

We are all very proud of Hugh, having just received Grand Rank, as well as being the Provincial Almoner for Middlesex. He is a regular to LOI as well. Being a Lodge Mentor is key to helping guide our newest younger members.

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Our History in Numbers

Established in 1878, the Royal Hanover Lodge 1777, with its distinguished brethren have been practising the ancient art of Craft Freemasonry. We also come under the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex. Our Lodge holds four official meetings each year, usually on the last Friday of October, January, March and May, and three Royal Arch Meetings, usually in February, April, June and November.

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