A New Chapter for Alan Hykin: The Journey to MEZ in Royal Hanover Chapter 1777

On the 17th November 2023 at Twickenham, members gathered with a mixture of apprehensive but anticipation. It was the 293rd Convocation of the Royal Hanover Chapter 1777, a day marked in history for its significance. The room, filled with members and guests, had gathered to witness an important milestone in the Chapter’s Centenary year.

E Companion Alan Hykin, at 86, stood with a dignified air, embodying the saying, “you are never too old to try something new.” His journey within the Freemasonry, particularly in the Royal Hanover Lodge and Chapter, was nothing short of remarkable courage. Initiated into the Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 in 2011 and exalted into the Royal Hanover Chapter 1777 in 2013, Alan covered all officer posts, becoming Worshipful Master of Lodge in 2018. But today, he was to reach a new pinnacle – the First Principal’s Chair.

The meeting commenced at 4.40 pm, with the Principals warmly greeting everyone. The Charter of the Chapter, a testament to its rich history, was proudly displayed. As the minutes of the previous convocation were read and confirmed, there was a poignant moment of silence in memory of E Comp Colin Hollingsworth, honoring his contributions.

The obligation of the Principals elect was a ceremony of deep meaning. Alan, along with E Comp Tom Wood as “J” and E Comp Denis Charge as “H”, took their vows. The Chapter then witnessed the ceremonial conclave, where Alan was presented and installed as MEZ by E Comp Peter Hosie-Kingham. The robe of office was presented to him in a moment that signified both an end and a beginning.

Alan, who initially joined as a social member, had found his calling within the Chapter. He thrived on ritual work, saying it kept his mind active. His ascent from Inner Guard in 2012 to MEZ was a journey that inspired both young and old. His first exaltation ceremony, eagerly anticipated in 2024, was already a topic of excited discussion.

The meeting also saw the presentation of the Charity Steward’s report by E Comp John Taylor, reflecting the Chapter’s commitment to benevolence. Generous donations to The Prince Michael of Kent Court and the MEZ’s Charity, the Blood Fund, were agreed upon, showcasing the Chapter’s enduring spirit of giving.

As the meeting drew to a close at 6.15 pm, with the Chapter closing in peace and harmony, there was a sense of pride and accomplishment. Alan Hykin, now MEZ, stood as a beacon of possibility, a testament to the saying that one is never too old to embark on a new journey. His story, interwoven with the strengths and traditions of the Royal Hanover Chapter, would be told for years to come, inspiring generations within the Freemasonry fraternity.

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