Chapter Installation 15th November 2019

Royal Hanover Chapter held a great meeting that marked a wonderful positive change in membership and energy amongst its members. The installation ritual was well delivered and a joy to see.

Excellent Companion Peter Short was installed into ‘Z’, with Excellent Companion Keith Gregory taking ‘H’ and Excellent Companion Bill Brodie taking the office of ‘J’. All delivered extended ritual with particular note of Keith Gregory.

E/C Keith Gregory

It should also be mentioned in honour of a dear friend of Keith Gregory, from his mother lodge Guild of Freemen Lodge 3525 , Excellent Companion and Worshipful Brother Stanley Charles passed to the Grand Lodge above only the day before and Keith attended his burial at midday after which found the strength and fortitude to honour his commitment to Royal Hanover Chapter, for which I am sure all our companions will acknowledge with a moment of recognition and thanks.

E/C Peter Short

Excellent Companion Peter Short then proceeded to install his officers, with Director of Ceremonies, Excellent Companion Kevin Marshall Jobson’s brilliant assistance.

What made this meeting very special was the joining of our chapter by Excellent Companion Colin Hollingsworth, who served as our visiting officer many years ago, and we are very proud that he has chosen to now become a member of Royal Hanover Chapter. We were also very pleased to see many returning guests, with particular note to Excellent Companion Bill Ryan and Excellent Companion Peter De-Wolfe.

We also had the honour of a formal visit by our visiting officer Excellent Companion Reg Austin, who was welcomed warmly.

E/C Peter Hosie Kingham

Another special item of note, is to see Companion Oliver Hosie Kingham, join his father, Principal Sojourner Excellent Companion Peter Hosie Kingham as 1st Assistant Sojourner. I am sure they will make a good team at the upcoming Exaltations for Royal Hanover.

Oliver and Peter were also joined by Companion Thomas Jackson who has now become 2nd Assistant Sojourner.

With the 2020 Festival nearly coming to a close, Excellent Companion Derek Fifield announced that we have reached Grand Patron for Royal Hanover Chapter, with a proposal towards further donations from key members of the Chapter and the Chapter itself, we can be very proud of our achievements both in Royal Arch and Craft for the 2020 Festival.

A further proposal was approved in favour of a committee to lead the plans for Royal Hanover Chapter 1777’s Centenary Celebration in 2022. The committee members are Excellent Companion Derek Healy, Excellent Companion Derek Fifield, Excellent Companion John Billet and Companion David North.

Research and plans have already started and its looks like we may be planning a Banner Dedication for Royal Hanover Chapter as part of the Centenary meeting to celebrate 100 years of Royal Arch masonry for Royal Hanover Chapter 1777.

The meeting was followed by a hearty Festive Board and the atmosphere was wonderful.

So to close, happy have we met, sorry to part, happy to meet again and have a Wonderful Christmas.

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