Royal Hanover Welcomes 2 new initiates Adam and Aaron & Lodge Ballots for Donation to 2020 Achieving Grand Patron

Two New Initiates, Multiple Cheque Presentations, Achieving
Grand Patron Status, makes for a great meeting.

We were pleased to start the day with a cheque presentation to Jodie Egerton of Rainbow Trust for £1000. This is from W.Bro. Lawrie Hawkins year as Worshipful Master. The Charity helps support children throughout the UK suffering from life-threatening or terminal illnesses with emotional and practical support.

After opening the lodge in due form, we initiated two new candidates into Royal Hanover Lodge 1777. Bro. Adam Taylor is the son of our Charity Steward W.Bro John Taylor and as such, W.Bro. John Taylor took the role of Junior Deacon for the ceremony with W.Bro. Peter Hosie-Kingham as the initiating Master.

Brother Adam with Family friend W.Bro.Peter Hosie-Kingham and Father W.Bro John Taylor


Bro. Adam has started his journey into Freemasonry at the age of 23, and we hope he has a long and eventful career in Freemasonry.

We also welcomed to our ranks, Bro. Aaron Flynn, being initiated by W.Bro. Peter Hosie-Kingham and was introduced to Royal Hanover Lodge by his close friend and our Junior Deacon Bro. ThomasJackson, who only became a Master Mason in May 2017. Bro.Thomas conducted the Junior Deacon work for his friend, which was a pleasure to witness.

Royal Hanover Lodge is very lucky to introduce these two young gentlemen into our Lodge as bringing in young fresh members into our fold makes a big difference and gives the Lodge a good outlook for the Lodge future. Bro. Adam is 23 and Bro. Aaron is only 21.


After the ceremony was completed a cheque for £2800 was presented to the Provincial Charity steward W.Bro John Briggs by our own Charity Steward  W.Bro. John Edward Taylor to enable the Lodge to reach Grand Patron for the 20/20 Festival.