Brother Matt Gurmin 3rd Degree Raising

Our January 2023 meeting was an important milestone for our Brother Matt Gurmin, being finally raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. Bro Matt started his journey just before the lockdown in March 2020 coming to us in 2019. He was initiated in July 2021 followed by his passing in May 2022.

Bro Matt is a regular to LOI, even through Lockdown, he consistently came to most gatherings and online meetups. He has recently become a father as well and the brethren were pleased to receive the news in the risings.

He is already taken his first steps in being a lodge officer, being installed as a Steward in October meeting.

W Bro Thomas Jackson raised Bro Matt, with W Bro Mike Ross covering the traditional history, and W Bro Leon Hubbard doing the Grave Side Address and Walking Charge.

Below is Bro Matt’s photo from his initiation with his proposer W Bro David North.

Bro Matt Gurmin on his initiation into Royal Hanover Lodge with his proposer W Bro David North

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