Royal Hanover Social evenings – Outdoors and saying Goodbye to friends of the Lodge

We have started meeting up outside Cole Court again, waiting in antisipation for the resumption of Masonic activities. As with lockdown in 2020, Royal Hanover members often met up at Cole Court on Tuesday evenings, to keep those fraternal bonds healthy.

The most recent Tuesday evening we arranged to share a toast with and present to a friend of the Lodge, the centre manager Tom Scott and Maggie Scott in acknowledgement to their 30 years of service to Cole Court and moving on to new pastures.

We presented a framed Royal Hanover certificate of Thanks and Fraternal friendship to Tom which he hinted that this will be given a prime spot in his future plans of a Man’s Cave.

The Lodge presented the framed cartificate along with a Champagne toast including gift certificates from a collection from members of Royal Hanover Lodge and Chapter, raising £200 to help them start there new future in returning to Scotland.

We also had the opportunity of meeting new friends and candidates for joining Royal Hanover Lodge in the very near future, and this evening we where delight to be join by Matt G. who is a regular at our LOI socials and new prospect Hanni who is also very must looking forward to starting a journey with Royal Hanover.

As a note to end on, I am sure all members of Royal Hanover Lodge and Chapter wish to extend there best wishes to Tom and Maggie on the next adventure, and we wish them every success. We are confident of seeing Tom and Maggie again, as we have been invited to visit his Lodge in Scotland, which we are very much looking forward to as Royal Hanover does have a fine history of stretching its legs in extending its fraternal friendships. Safe travels Tom and Maggie and Thank You for your years of service.

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