Another momentous day for Royal Hanover and its members

Year after year, the proud Royal Hanover Lodge fraternity flocks to the Province of Middlesex Craft AGM, an event marked by a grand celebration of members being conferred with Provincial Honors. This year, tradition held strong as 12 eager members gathered at the historic Hercules Pillars, nestled in the heart of Great Queen Street. A toast was raised and the air was filled with anticipation before they embarked on their journey across the road to the prestigious Freemasons Hall.

The members who meet up early were as follows, W Bro David North, W Bro Michael Ross, Bro Richard Brown, Bro John Murray, W Bro John Deady, Bro Iain Raymond, W Bro Leon Hubbard, Bro Matt Gurmin, W Bro John Taylor, and W Bro Brian De Honri. For many amongst them, this marked their inaugural visit to the Grand Temple, a milestone that left an indelible mark on their Masonic journey.

The esteemed Provincial Lodge of Middlesex meeting was opened by R W Bro Peter Baker, who presided over the entire meeting. The ceremony commenced with the appointment of new Deputy Provincial Grand Master VW Bro Jim Mitchel and Assistant Provincial Grand Masters W Bro Paul Sully and W Bro Ian Ferguson. This was succeeded by a wave of members receiving their promotions, with W Bro John Deady and W Bro Brian De Honri being appointed as Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon and Past Provincial Grand Standard Bearer respectively. Their achievements were met with a chorus of congratulations.

W Bro David North’s ‘Award of Merrit’ Click to view

As this year’s round of appointments and promotions concluded, an unexpected item was announced. R W Bro Peter Baker unveiled a surprise, delving into the illustrious history of the Award of Merit, a distinction so rare that it has only been granted 10 times in 40 years. The suspense climaxed as it was announced it was being presented to a Light Blue for the first time, as W Bro David North was named the latest recipient of this esteemed award. W Bro Mark Millard then escorted W Bro David to the Pro Provincial Grand Masters pedestal, an event that sparked joy among both W Bro David North and the Royal Hanover members.

As the AGM drew to a close, the fraternity of Royal Hanover regrouped outside the temple, eager to commence the next chapter of the day. They were soon joined by Bro Adam Taylor and prospective member Alister Macdonald.

This year, the members of Royal Hanover chose to break away from tradition, choosing the Lowlander Cafe opposite the Freemasons Hall as their venue. With its Belgian roots, the restaurant offered a new experience, its warm welcome enhancing the special atmosphere. As always, the Royal Hanover celebrations resonated with camaraderie, the evening culminating in brothers bidding each other adieu, eagerly awaiting their next rendezvous on the 26th of May 2023, where it is planned to initiate Alister Macdonald.

Left to Right Alister, Brian, David, John, Matt, Mike, Leon, John, Iain, Adam, John and Richard.

Many thanks to the brethren that supported Brian, David and John on their Promotions and the Award of Merit.

W Bro Bian De Honri, PPrGStB, W Bro David North ‘ Award of Merit, W Bro John Deady PPrSGD

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