Bro Hani Rifai 3rd Degree Raising

In a spirit of benevolence and community support, Royal Hanover Lodge, during a previous meeting, voted to donate a generous sum of £500 to Crossroads Care Richmond and Kingston. Consequently, before commencing the eventful day of Brother Hani Rifai’s elevation to Master Mason, we were honoured to welcome Eleanor Willett and Margaret Dangoor from Crossroads Care Richmond and Kingston to receive this heartfelt donation.

Members of the Royal Hanover Lodge presenting a £500 donation to Crossroads Care Richmond and Kingston Charity
Eleanor Willett and Margaret Dangoor representing the Crossroads Care Richmond and Kingston Charity

Following the presentation of the cheque, our members had the pleasure of engaging in a lively conversation with these dedicated ladies over a warm cup of tea. This exchange allowed us to gain valuable insights into the impactful work that Crossroads Care undertakes and how our contribution will make a tangible difference in the lives of those they serve.

We were delighted to receive an official response from Julie Da Costa, CEO of Crossroads Care Richmond and Kingston, expressing her gratitude to the brethren for their generous donation. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to support their noble endeavours again in the future.

At our memorable March 2023 gathering, the esteemed Royal Hanover Lodge witnessed the momentous occasion when Brother Hani Rifai ascended to the distinguished rank of a Master Mason. Brother Hani, along with other dedicated Brethren, embarked on this transformative journey in January 2022. His entrance into the venerable world of Freemasonry was marked by an unprecedented delay due to the Covid lockdown. This extraordinary circumstance still allowed candidates to remain connected with the Lodge and actively participate in some online social events & post lockdown events prior to their initiation.

Brother Hani Rifia and Master of the Lodge W Brother Thomas Jackson
Brother Hani Rifia and one of his Proposers, W Brother Leon Hubbard

Brother Hani has wasted no time in making his presence felt, as he took on the mantle of a Lodge officer by assuming the role of Steward in our October 2022 installation.

The Worshipful Master Brother Thomas Jackson led the raising of Brother Hani, while Worshipful Brother Matt Jennings eloquently conveyed the traditional history. To add a unique and personal touch to the ceremony, Worshipful Brother Leon Hubbard, who originally proposed Brother Hani’s membership, recited the evocative Grave Side Address.

Brethren of Royal Hanover Lodge with Brother Hani Rifia sporting his new master masons badge,

This remarkable event further energizes an already bustling year for Royal Hanover Lodge, as we welcome two new Master Masons into our vibrant and youthful ranks, accompanying them on their progressive journey. The excitement continues at our next meeting, where we will perform a First Degree ceremony, signifying a prosperous and engaging year ahead for both Royal Hanover and its esteemed members.

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