Royal Hanover Lodge & Chapter – 2019 Round-up

For All Our Members and Friends of Royal Hanover Lodge & Chapter

Its been a busy year for Royal Hanover members. We thought it would be a great way to celebrate the end of 2019 with a round-up of all the key events that made this year one to remember.

Celebrating the end of 2019 has helped build an even better start to 2020, both in Lodge & Chapter. With joining members, candidates for initiation, exaltations, ladies weekend and special festive board events lined up, 2020 round-up will be just as enjoyable as 2019 has been.

So here is the round-up of 2019:

15th January 2019

Royal Hanover members visit Amity & Rossendale Forest Lodge No.283

Royal Hanover Lodge members are well known for visiting other lodges, and a lodge close to W Bro Mike Ross’s heart is a East Lancashire Lodge, Amity & Rossendale Forest Lodge No. 283. W Bro Mike Ross, our Master Alan Hykin, our secretary W Bro Peter Short and Bro Aaron Flynn visited together.

WBro Peter Short PProvSGD (Sec 1777) – WBro Allan Hykin (WM 1777) – Bro Raymond Peter Godwin (WM) – VWBro Dr Nigel Graham Bramley-Haworth PGSwdB PDepProvGM – Bro Aaron Flynn(EA 1777) – WBro Michael Ross ProvGSec – Middlesex (Almoner 1777)

The meeting was the Installation of W Bro Raymond Peter Godwin as Worshipful Master. Further pictures of this meeting can be seen by clicking here.

25th January 2019

Royal Hanover Lodge Meeting: 2nd Degree – Bro Aaron Flynn

The year got off to a great with the passing of Bro Aaron. He was supported by his friend and proposer Bro Thomas who was junior Senior Deacon for the meeting. Bro Aaron is also one of our youngest members of the lodge and was passed by Bro Alan Hykin who is the oldest member of the Lodge, whom both take delight in those facts.

Bro Aaron Flynn & Master of the Lodge
W Bro Alan Hykin
Bro Aaron Flynn & friend and proposer Bro Thomas Jackson

The meeting was conducted in the Norman More Temple at Twickenham District Masonic Centre.

Members of Royal Hanover Lodge present at the meeting.

The festive board was also made that bit more special by our Treasurer W Bro Derek Fifield, celebrating his birthday and also 25 years in Freemasonry. The cake was pretty good as well.

W Bro Derek Fifield presenting his celebration cake for 25 years in Freemasonry.

1st February 2019

Royal Hanover Members visit The Porta Lodge No. 9511 – Province of Cambridgeshire.

Bro Thomas Jackson

The lodges visit to The Porta Lodge in Ely looks to become a regular annual visit.

Bro Thomas Jackson is a regular member of The Porta Lodge and as such many Royal Hanover Lodge members like to visit this beautiful part of Cambridgeshire.

Look out for a visit report after we visit on the 7th February 2020, as there are at least 4 members of Royal Hanover will be visiting.

The Porta Lodge is a member of The Federation of School Lodges ( The Federation of School Lodges was founded in 1947, is an organisation that exists to promote links between masonic lodges under the United Grand Lodge of England which derive their membership from those with a connection to a school.

22nd March 2019

Royal Hanover Lodge Meeting – 3rd Degree for Bro Adam Taylor & Loving Cup Refurbishment

Bro Adam Taylor was raised to Master Mason, being escorted by his father W Bro John Taylor who was acting Senior Deacon for the ceremony, and family friend W Bro Peter Hosie-Kingham as acting Worshipful Master for the raising.

We were also very pleased to receive a report from W Bro Peter Parsons, representing the lodges Loving Cup after having it polished and cleaned, and the refurbished presentation box created for the Loving Cup to rest in.

The Loving Cup was originally gifted to the Lodge by W Bro H.K.S Clark & W Bro J.R. Parsons (Peter Parsons Father) in 1959, in honoured memory of W Bro Harry E. Clark RGD who was Master of the Lodge in 1903, 1928 & 1953 and W Bro Henry C. Huxley who was Secretary of the Lodge for 27 Years.

6th/7th April 2019

Visit to Lodge Bridge of Fellowship in Hannover City, Germany

We are proud to report that for the 3rd year running we have visited Lodge Bridge of Fellowship Lodge 939 based in Hannover City in Germany. This visit has a more in-depth write-up and can be read by clicking here.

Details of our first visit back in 2016 can be seen by clicking here.

This year W Bro Mike Ross, W Bro Hugh Saville and W Bro Keith Gregory visited Lodge Bridge of Fellowship on the 6th and 7th April.

Members of Royal Hanover Lodge with R.W. Bro Joe Maison, Asst Grand Master of British Freemasons in Germany and on his left is former Grand Master of British Freemasons in Germany.

And of course, as always travelling masons always require pulling in for a pit stop to sample the local beverages. Here Mike and Keith keep with Royal Hanover traditions.

Mike and Keith with one of many beverages.

25th April 2019

St Georges Day visit to Cymbeline Lodge L9004 with W Bro Peter Parsons

Another regular visit for Royal Hanover has been the visit to Cymbeline Lodge with special festive board celebration of St Georges Day. Our Brother Peter who lives local to Little Kimble invites us every year. We are hoping to host our own St Georges Day Special event this coming April 2020.

17th May 2019

Royal Hanover Chapter Exaltation of Comp Matt Jennings

It’s always exciting to conduct an Exaltation, and this meeting well received and continues to help grow our Royal Arch membership for Royal Hanover Chapter 1777. Comp Matt thoroughly enjoyed his afternoon, after being looked after by E Comp Peter Hosie Kingham as Principal Sojourner and MEZ, J and H delivered wonderful ritual.

Royal Hanover Chapter has been going from strength to strength, and the coming year is going to be no different with multiple Exaltations.

24th May 2019

Special Royal Hanover Meeting with a visit from the Grand Lodge Prestonian Lecturer W Bro Mike Karn.

W Bro Mike Karn PJGD PProvJGW

We were delighted to host a very special lecture from W Bro Mike Karn who has the honour of being appointed a Grand Rank Prestonian Lecturer for 2019. The Lecture was well-received by all members and those who visited Royal Hanover Lodge.

As part of his year in this very special office, he has created a unique lecture, titled :


If you want to find out more about Mike’s year as Prestonian Lecturer, you can visit his website

We are pleased to report that all of the port was efficiently drank that evening. Masonic Duty!

The lecturer was followed by a very enjoyed festive board, with 2 Magnums of Taylors LBV Port that was supplied by Bro David North as part of his birthday celebration on the same day of the meeting.

Bro David North was joined by his visitors from another Middlesex lodge, Alperton Lodge no. 5548, W Bro Dickie Henderson, W Bro Mark Sweeney, W Bro Leon Hubbard, Bro Alex Davidson and Bro Lee Major.

23rd July 2019

End of Year LOI Meal for Royal Hanover Lodge & Chapter

As part of the masonic year coming to an end in Master W Bro Alan Hykins year, we organised a celebration meal, visiting The Albert Pub in Twickenham.

We had a great turn out for what was an awesome social occasion for the Lodge & Chapter. Beautiful weather, great company, good drinks and even better Thia food.

25th October 2019

Royal Hanover Lodge Installation of W Bro Colin Grant

A new masonic year has been kicked off with a great installation of W Bro Colin Grant, who joined Royal Hanover many years ago, along with many other members of Ionic Lodge (Met GL).

We wish Colin a great year in office, and I know he is already planning a great Ladies Weekend in Bournemouth. Details for the ladies weekend is being forwarded to all members and friends of the Lodge.

So we hope you support our Master of the Lodge for 2019 – 2020 Masonic Year.

15th November 2019

Royal Hanover Chapter – Installation of E Comp Keith Gregory as MEZ

Royal Hanover Chapter was proud to see E Comp Keith Gregory take the chair as MEZ for the coming Royal Arch year 2019 to 2020.

All the Principles delivered great ritual, and I know Keith worked very hard to make it a special meeting.

We were also thrilled to welcome E Comp Collin Hollingsworth as he joined our ranks, after previously being a very supportive visiting officer for many years.

If you want to see the full write up for this special Royal Arch meeting click here.

3rd December 2019

Royal Hanover Members, Members Partners and Friends Christmas Celebration

A great night out was organised for the 3rd December 2019, meeting up at The Crown in Twickenham. Great venue for us, great food, great setting, great service. Members of Royal Hanover, partners and friends came together for a good night out.

It was lovely to see such a good turn out and to be joined by many of the lodge wives and partners made even more special.

Our preceptor Mike Ross organised the evening and it was a great success. Its been a good year for Royal Hanover and this was a perfect ending for 2019.

Lodge & Chapter Memberships

It is with the sad news that we report the resignation of several members of the Lodge, Bro Norman Watson, Bro Leandro Ulisse, W Bro Derek Healy and W Bro John Taylor.

John E. Taylor joined the lodge in 1974 and has been a member for 44 years, and as such we felt it was important to honour John with Honorary Membership of Royal Hanover Lodge 1777. We all thank John for his many years of service to Royal Hanover Lodge.

We are also sad to report that E Comp David Potter has decided to resign from Royal Hanover Chapter after being a member for 35 years, and as such, the Chapter has proposed that David become an Honorary Member of Royal Hanover Chapter 1777. We thank David for his many years of support of Royal Hanover Chapter.

What’s Coming in 2020 for Royal Hanover

24th January 2020

Lodge Meeting 3rd Degree for Bro Aaron Flynn & Special Festive Board – Burns Night – Bagpipes, Haggis and Malt Whiskey.

A busy meeting but we are sure it will be a great night. 3rd degree for Aaron Flynn and Burns Night Special Festive Board with Bagpipes and address to the Haggis. Joining member W.Bro. Leon Hubbard and Honorary Certificates for John Taylor Senior.

21st February 2020

Chapter Meeting – Double Exaltation of Members of Royal Hanover Lodge.

17th April 2020

Not confirmed – 2nd Degree of a future joining member and 1st Degree of a new candidate – St Georges Day Special Festive Board.

As part of continuing to hold special events meetings, we are in the early stages of planning a St Georges Day Festive Board, whilst also welcoming new members to the Lodge with either and joining Entered Apprentice having his 2nd degree after his Lodge closed as part of Staines Masonic Centre closing, or an initiation for a new member.

15th May 2020

Chapter Meeting – Another Double Exaltation of Members of Royal Hanover Lodge.

22nd May 2020

2nd Degree or Even a Double 2nd Degree.

It’s still early days, but we have strong possibilities for new candidates and continuing the journey of new members of Royal Hanover Lodge.

18th to 20th September 2020

Ladies Festival Weekend – Hallmark Carlton Hotel Bournemouth

Friday 18th September 2020 – 3 Course Dinner Service
Saturday 19th September 2020 – AM Full English Breakfast, Afternoon Tea, Pre-Dinner Drinks, PM 4 Course Gala Dinner Plus Tea\Coffee in private function suite until 1 am.
Sunday 20th September 2020 – Full English Breakfast

To see more information about the hotel –

Please contact Master Colin Grant for payment details on 07956 916297 or email;

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