Joining Members, 3rd Degree Ceremony and a Burns Night Festive Board – 24th January 2020

January’s meeting has been a great start to 2020. Along with a masonically packed meeting in the Norman Moore Temple at Cole Court Twickenham, we also planned a Burns Night as part of our festive board.

Royal Hanover Lodge Members with Friends and Special Guests

I would like to acknowledge all of our guests who decided to accept invitations to join us on this special day, with many members visiting from Cymbeline Lodge No. 9004 & Alperton Lodge No.5548, as well as many other guests.

The meeting started with over 45 members and guests. Our Master Wbro Colin G. opened the Lodge welcoming all our guests. As part of this meeting, those officers of the lodge who were not able to attend our last meeting\installation were invested into there respective roles.

Royal Hanover Lodge Members with Special Guests for Cheque Presentation

Two New Joining Members

We balloted for two joining members, both of which was unanimously balloted in favour of having Wbro Leon H. and Bro Matt J. join our growing ranks. As the evening unfolded, both members took part immediately in the evening’s entertainment and also the in Temple ritual, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

WBro Leon H. PRovGADC
Bro Matt J.

WBro Leon H. sent the following the next morning :
“A huge thank you to Brethren of Royal Hanover Lodge No.1777 for accepting me as a Joining Member of your most prestigious Lodge, which has such an excellent reputation and of course is charitable. I felt honoured as you greeted me with such a very warm welcome, that you made me feel that I belong and that I’m already at home. I look forward to working and socialising with you all, learning the pearls of wisdom from the experienced and passing on my little own gems to the younger Brethren. Exciting times ahead.”

Raising Brother Aaron F.

WBro Mike R., our preceptor of the Lodge, took the chair to raise Bro Arron F. supported by all the lodge officers including a wonderful walking charge by our Tyler WBro Brian K. and also the G**** Side Address by WBro Leon H. (our newly joined member).

All the participating officers delivered excellent ritual, and the meeting went smoothly and efficiently, but also very enjoyable. With WBro Colin G. as Worshipful Master, WBro Mike Ross ProvGSec, WBro Alan Hykin IPM, WBro Peter HK. as Director Of Ceremonies, WBro Phil M. as Senior Warden, Bro Thomas J. as Junior Warden, Bro Oliver HK. as Senior Deacon, WBro John T. as Junior Deacon, WBro Derek Fifield as Inner Guard and WBro Brian K. as Tyler. Well done Brothers for delivering such a good ceremony.

Worshipful Master Brother Colin G. and newly raised Brother Aaron F.

Bro Aaron F. was initiated into Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 on the 26th January 2018 just after his 21st birthday, and you can read more about his initiation on a previous report on this website, which can be read by clicking here.

Brother Thomas J. and newly raised Brother Aaron F.

Bro Thomas J. who is now the Junior Warden, introduced his close friend and has been involved in all of the ceremonies conducted. Bro Aaron has had a busy university life as well as moving up to Lancaster, and so his University and Masonic life meant his journey has been steady and it turned out that the January Lodge meeting every year was the ideal time to continue his journey.

Charity Cheque Presentation by WBro Alan Hykin

Following the raising of Bro Aaron F. the Charity Stewards report detailed about our pending status of Grand Patron for the 2020 Middlesex Festival. Many members of the Lodge will be attending the 150th Middlesex Provincial Celebration and 2020 Middlesex Festival Closing Celebration dinner in London this coming March. The 2020 festival looks to have raised over £4.1 Million, with Royal Hanover Lodge and Chapter contributing nearly £35,000 towards that total.

After receiving the Charity Stewards report, Bro David N. assisted WBro Alan Hykin to present a cheque to The Blood Fund – Imperial Health Charity of Hammersmith Hospital.

WBro Alan’s year as master raised £835, with additional donations coming from other elements of Royal Hanover and the Province of Middlesex.

We were delighted to receive £600 donation from the Provincial Grand Chapter of Middlesex as part of our honorifics, represented by WBro Paul Sully, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward for Royal Arch in Middlesex.

We also received a donation of £1,000 from the Middlesex Provincial Masonic Charitable Trust, represented by Trustee WBro David Chambers.

In addition to this, WBro Alan Hykin donated an additional sum of £415 from his own funds, bringing the total to £3,250.

WBro Alan H. decided to donate this money to the aforementioned charity because they have been instrumental in helping his son Rob Hykin through a very acute and severe illness, of which, he would not have received the much-needed treatment for his ongoing life-threatening conditions without the Imperial Charity’s help. When WBro Alan made contact with The Blood Fund – Imperial Health Charity about this donation, it turned out that a member of the Charity was a fellow Brother and as such received an immediate invite to this special meeting and event.

Bro Peter Baldwin from The Imperial Charity and WBro Allan Hykin IPM

Bro Peter Baldwin of The Blood Fund – Imperial Health Charity received the cheque from WBro Alan in open lodge, with Bro Peter B. giving a short overview of the charity and what it does. Emotionally, WBro Alan also expressed his feelings about how the charity had helped his son Rob, and what this has meant personally to him. Alan was hoping at the last minute that Rob would have been strong enough to visit us for the Cheque presentation, but due to his strength, he was not able to make it on the day. We would like to thank Bro Peter Baldwin, WBro Paul Sully and WBro David Chambers in joining us on this special occasion.

The Festive Board and Burns Night with 5 Bottles of Malt Whisky, one for each sprig.

After such a great meeting in the Temple, we adjourned to the bar where liquid refreshment was the immediate order post this successful meeting.

The poster to help promote the evening

As part of organising a Burns Night for the festive board, Bro David N. designed large placemats made up for each member dining that night, along with personalised place cards. The placemat had all the words used in our Burns Night, including the Address to the Haggis, The Selkirk Grace, Auld Lang Syne, small write up about Robert Burns and a selection of Famous Scottish Masons and how they have impacted our daily lives.

Click To View A Larger PDF Version Of The Placemat

The evening started with our Bro Iain R. who is a retired Scots Guards Regimental Piper and Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Piper playing in the members and guests whilst taking their place in the dining room.

Bro Iain R. has played for Her Majesty The Queen several times in his career and many other military Piper events & duties, and we are very proud and grateful to have Bro Iain add a touch of flair to our Burns Night.

Brother Iain Raymond
Retired Scots Guards and Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Piper

Members and guests were piped into the dining room, much to the enjoyment of the brethren. Bro Iain then left the room only to return playing a formal escort for Piping in the Master, WBro Colin G., completing a circuit of the dining room, after which, The Selkirk Grace was delivered by WBro Leon H. You can see the first of two Youtube videos below:

Piping In The Master & The Selkirk Grace (Video)

Once the brethren had taken their seats, Bro Iain then led a procession of members of the Lodge in the Address to the Haggis. Following the Piper, Bro Aaron F. (newly raised brother) carried the Haggis on a platter, with WBro Leon (newly joined) following behind with a ceremonial Knife and Bro Matt (newly joined) holding up and crossing 2 bottles of Malt Whisky.

The Address To The Haggis (Video)

The brethren then dined, most being served Cullen Skink Soup, Balmoral Chicken with Haggis, Neeps & Tatties and Drambuie Cheesecake. Cole Court staff looked after us very well and the Cullen Skink soup was commented on by many of the diners, being particularly ‘lovely’.

Each Sprig of the Festive Board had its own Bottle of 12 Year Malt Whisky
With the top table being served Glenmorangie Malt Whisky and
other sprigs having Glenfiddich Malt Whisky

As the evening progressed, WBro Leon H. recited various Masonic Robbie Burns Poems. If you would like a copy of them, you can click on this link to download a 2 page PDF for your enjoyment. But a worthy mention of Poem called ‘A Stanza Added In A Mason Lodge’

A Stanza Added In A Mason Lodge

Then fill up a bumper and make it o’erflow,
And honours masonic prepare for to throw;
May ev’ry true Brother of the Compass and Square;
Have a big-belly’d bottle when harass’d with care.

The Inauguration of Robert Burns as Poet-Laureate
of the Canongate Kilwinning Lodge, 1787

We would also like to thank WBro Dickie H. of Alperton Lodge No.5548 for his response to ‘Address To The Visitors’. Visitors & Guest of Royal Hanover Lodge are very important to us, and as such having evenings like this, and being able to share with friends & members of other lodges just makes the day even better.

To finish the evening prior to the Tylers Toast, Bro Iain R. piped up for one last blast for the evening with the brethren singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Royal Hanover Burns Night Auld Lang SynePress Play

With the tylers toast complete, many of the brethren adjourned again to the lounge bar and made sure the Malt Whisky was appropriately explored until near midnight. We would like to Thank Cole Court Staff for looking after us on this memorable night.

Many thanks go again to Bro Iain for bringing his Bagpipes along and WBro Leon H for providing the Scottish flair for the Royal Hanover Lodge Burns Night 24th January 2020 Meeting and Festive Board.

I would also like to mention WBro Derek Fifield who celebrates his birthday on the same night as Burns Night, so as you can imagine, Burns Night has always overshadowed his day of celebration and so a small acknowledgement to one of our fellow brethren, we wish WBro Derek Fifield a Happy Birthday for 2020.

Happy to meet;
Sorry to part;
Happy to meet again.

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