W.Bro David North Installed as Master of Royal Hanover Lodge 22nd October 2021

We finally managed to get back to organising a regular meeting after having a long wait to return to normal. This meeting was our annual Installation and this year it was our digital expert time to be Master Elect. W.Bro David had delayed his time in the chair due to health battles but finally it was his time to take the chair of his mother lodge.

The meeting was really well attended with most members and many guests attending, making this one of those meetings to remember. We had the pleasure of many Grand Officers to help celebrate W.Bro David’s taking the Chair of King Solomon, (left to right) W.Bro Mike Ross, W.Bro Martyn Farrell, W.Bro Mike Karn, W.Bro Paul Huggins, W.Bro Michael Dean, W.Bro David Wareham, W.Bro Peter Hyde, W.Bro Paul Brissenden Hemstock and W.Bro Andrew Elliott.

Early in the proceedings, we balloted for a joining member, Brother Iain Raymond. The ballot was found unanimously in his favour. Iain had become interested in Royal Hanover when he very kindly took part in our Burns Night earlier in the previous year, playing the Bagpipes as part of the evenings festivities.

Iain has already become a regular member of LOI on Tuesday evenings as well as getting stuck into to taking on officer roles know he is a member of Royal Hanover Lodge.

A brief calling off was scheduled to allow members and guests to enjoy Champagne and Canopies.

After Master Elect had taken the chair of King Solomon, W.Bro David North made a presentation of a token of appreciation to W. Bro. Colin Grant for his years in Office and service to the Lodge as Worshipful Master especially during the pandemic.

The meeting was very well received and enjoyed by many, with many emails and letters of thanks for putting on such a great evening.

The festive board was also a great success with good food and great company. We themed the festive board as a small celebration of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Place matts for each member and guest

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