60th Year Certificate in Freemasonry, 2nd Degree Ceremony & Official Visit from W.Bro John Leggett

Our March meeting was a great success and was most definitely a busy one. We had the pleasure of hosting an official visit from our Assistant Provincial Grand Master W.Bro John Leggett.

W.Bro John surprised us all with a wonderful moment by presenting a 60 year certificate to W.Bro Peter Parsons in a special way. It was like watching a “Michael Parkinson” style interview, by placing 2 chairs in the middle of the temple facing each other, and had a wonderful chat about Peters life in Masonry, and being initiated into Royal Hanover Lodge on the 23rd March 1962 by his father and Uncle who where both members of the Lodge back in that time.

Picture of Royal Hanover Lodge Members in the late 1960’s, with W.Bro Peter Parsons (back, 5th from left) sporting his famous beard.
W.Bro John Leggett APGM & W.Bro Peter Parsons PPGSW
W.Bro David North & W.Bro Peter Parsons PPGSW

Following on from this, W.Bro Colin Grant kindly took the chair to conduct a 2nd Degree Passing for Brother Hani Rafai. Brother Hani looked to enjoy himself and did very well indeed with his questions considering he only had 4 days notice since our original member that was to be passed came down with Covid.

Members and Guest of Royal Hanover Lodge & Official Visit W.Bro Leggett and his escort.

The successful meeting was followed by a very enjoyable Festive Board, with further presentation of a Cake for W.Bro Peter Parsons in celebrating his 60th Year Anniversary in Freemasonry.

Festive Boards Place Matts

We would also like to thank the Official Escort for W.Bro John Leggett APGM, those being, W.Bro Nishal Amin PPDGDC, W.Bro Steve Phillips ProGJD, W.Bro Guy Dunk PPAGReg, W.Bro Keith Flint PPGstwd and W.Bro Sam Brown PPGstwd.

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